Zygomatic branch of the facial nerve

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Rapid, minimally invasive identification of the masseteric nerve for facial reanimation. The trainee surgeon might face challenges in the process of localisation of the nerve to masseter as studies pertaining to localisation of this nerve based on bony landmarks are limited, especially in the Indian subcontinent. The orbicularis oculi orbital portion is also supplied by branches from the temporal and zygomatic nerves. The zygomatic nerve temporomalar nerve ; orbital nerve is a branch of the maxillary nerve CN V 2itself a branch of the trigeminal nerve that enters the orbit and helps to supply the skin over the zygomatic and temporal bones. Here, they are in very close proximity to the inner ear. National Center for Biotechnology InformationU. The mean distance of the zygomatic branch of Facial nerve from the tragus was 2.

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Before jugular fossa Ganglia superior inferior.

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Zygomatic branches of the facial nerve

Distribution of the maxillary and mandibular nerves, and the submaxillary ganglion. A branch of the transverse facial artery was noted in the depth of loose areolar tissue presumably a part of parotidomasseteric fascia in only 3 sides out of 24 sides studiedbetween the zygomatic branch of facial nerve and the parotid duct. One thing needs to be mentioned here that, the skin incision used for this study is based on cadavers only for easier anatomical localisation of the nerves and does not contradict the standard surgical incisions used by plastic surgeons during facial surgeries in patients. The facial nerve then exits the facial canal and the cranium via the stylomastoid foramen. Cranial Nerve 5, the Trigeminal Nerve which includes the following three 3 branches:. The growth of a VS does not guarantee damage to the cranial nerve 7 the facial nerve but is a possible risk.

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zygomatic branch of the facial nerve
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zygomatic branch of the facial nerve
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