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No, Im not a woman hater. R22 made a disparaging remark about OP's dick in retaliation for the pussy post. I was still evolving sexually, but I had already fucked a few guys by then. Semen doesn't usually stain. OP, you know Miley Cyrus?

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Will these hands ne'er be clean?

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I Bought Her Some McDonalds Meal And She Showed Me Her Pussy

What in the world kind of girls do you hang out with? Many have gone there and been lost. In high school, I had a long-term girlfriend. How very Lesbianisch of her. Cockgobbler Aaron Schock is posting again! Until then, it will repel every gay man you ever go near.

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she showed me her vagina
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she showed me her vagina
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3 thoughts on “She showed me her vagina

  1. She fucking amazing. But sadly and disappointed she does a nose jobs right now. She lost her natural beauty.