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There may be an increase in hair growth, not only in the pubic area, but also under the arms and on the legs. Some adolescents may experience these signs of maturity sooner or later than others. Run your fingers through her mane, eventually working your way up her neck to rub behind her ears. First, make sure that she wants you to touch her breasts. However, it is important to do it the right way, with the right respect, and at the right time.

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The next time, simply slide your hand gently up her back or along her arm before releasing your touch.

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How old do you have to be to get either the hormonal implant in your arm or an IUD?

This may cause the adolescent girl to experience a time of feeling clumsy. You can tell him verbally, which is usually easiest and least likely to be misinterpreted, or with body language cues, such as taking his hand and placing it where you want it. Try stroking her cheek and neck with one hand as talk to her and gaze into her eyes. People get HPV from another person during intimate sexual contact. Other areas of the body that are sensitive but often overlooked include the small of her back and her feet. It's a small thing that will probably feel good to her. You can also find out more about HPV vaccine at www.

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