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He came home, took the enema sand told me to stay the fuck away from the bathroom for the next couple of hours. Or a small abscess? Some people say they need sizz baths etc but I don't think it needs to be that extreme I took a normal shit, and as I was wiping, my chest started hurting like crazy. Hi I had botox in my bottom for anal fissure over a week ago it is still so very painful and im in tears most of the timr I cant sit down nor wlalk properlly im finding it very hard to pass a stool wich im on lactalos, sennas and other laxatives im also getting a yellow smelling water from my backpassage plzz is this normal im on the verge of giving up as the pain is so unbarable now.

I decided to insert a clove of garlic considering, it's a good antibiotic and within 30mins, the pain stopped totally.


Luckily that was the only time I'd been constipated that bad and for that long, it's not fun. Feeling pain during passage of motion. And that was my first and hopefully last experience with traveller's gut. Earlier today I did a huge poop- Is it just an anal fissure? Also, probably the best story I've ever read on reddit.

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